37th conference of European Colloid & Interface Society​
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Stazione Marittima (Conference Venue) at 02:00 PM


The archeological area of Ercolano

A fascinating tour that will introduce you to the archaeological site of the ancient and wealthy town buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., like the nearby and more famous Pompeii.
Paved streets, mosaic floors still completely intact, organic finds and frescoes are just some of the treasures, still largely hidden under piles of lava that can be admired through this exclusive tour of Herculaneum.
The different burial method compared to the ruins of the equally well-known Pompeii have made it a rare pearl over time, thanks to its perfect state of conservation which has allowed evocative frescoes and perfectly preserved everyday objects to be brought again to life.
The Archaeological Park of Herculaneum, a cultural institute of significant national interest endowed with special autonomy, is an administrative structure that has the task of researching, conserving, protecting, divulging and enhancing the ancient Herculaneum.
The archaeological area of Ercolano has been included, since 1997, together with the ruins of Pompeii and the villas of Oplontis, in the list of World Heritage sites drawn up by UNESCO.


2 Hours


Private bus transfer to/from Ercolano and 2 hours visit to the Archeological Park of Ercolano
Archaeological guide in the ruins.

We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes, sneakers and sunscreen.

Ercolano Tour

37th conference of European Colloid & Interface Society​


Price per Person
The tour is guaranteed starting from a minimum of 35 participants

Package tour. A fascinating tour that will introduce you to the archaeological site of Ercolano


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